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The bee's wax

My Harvard Experience

Last night, I dreamed a dream. In my dream, I was in a classroom with a bunch of people, one of whom was Genevieve Nnaji (hold on!). A series of weird things had happened in that dream but let’s fast forward to the part where an influential Igbo man in Nigeria committed an offence that had been condemned in previous scenes of the dream. My dream classmates were pretty pissed

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Dear All the People Who Believe in Me

Dear All the People Who Believe in Me, That there is even an audience to write to, humbles me. That I’m not scribbling this in my journal and reading it to myself in the mirror; humbles me. And yes, a perfect rhythm to this thought would be for me to say “however, if I were the only person who believed in myself, I’d be 100% super and good”, but I

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Not a Review: An American Marriage

Author: Tayari Jones   Even before ‘An American Marriage’ ended, I already knew that it was going to push me to continue my ‘Not a review’ series. I loved it! ‘An American Marriage’ is a novel that serves a complicated blend of love and hurt and conversations and hope and the justice system and everything quite relatable. I usually love story-lines that lack extreme villains, extreme heroes, extreme antagonist, extreme

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Ashy Hands Deserve Love!

I hate to think of myself as a routine person, but I am. I know this because my day is pretty predictable. My food schedule is predictable. What gets me upset is predictable (although some people will say otherwise). What I say when I pick the phone is predictable. In fact, my colleagues at work pride themselves in acting me out. It is therefore so that there’s a particular spot

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The Story I Promised: On

Nestled in the comfort of my extremely comfortable and humongous pajama; while struggling with two exaggerating and attention-seeking sleepy eyes; and with so much joy and relief in my heart, I click on the button that took  live today! If you don’t know what ChapterIV is, read my post on it here and/or simply visit the site here. The first time I announced the existence of ChapterIV as an idea

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ChapterIV: A (not-so-new) Chapter!

FINALLY! Finally, I’m doing something more intentional about human rights in my society and I’m really excited about it. When Uka Eje (Yesss, the guy who the Vice President spoke about at The Platform—- I know people, guys), called me and gave me this idea, I thought, ‘WOW! Why did I never think about this.’ And as it ran it through my mind all day, I could barely sit still.

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Suwe, Safe Space, and a Disappointing Government: Lessons from My Visit to an IDP Camp

For the first time since I could put pen to paper, this year I did not write a list of ‘New Year Resolutions’. Why I did not do that is story for another year, but given that I am not feeling very ‘resolutionary’ this year, I decided to just be more intentional in my everyday living. This was probably why I overtly boycotted the default CDS* allocation system of NYSC

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Like a Song on the Radio

When my kids grow older and ask me the inevitable ‘How did you and daddy meet’ question, I’ll leave it to my husband because he tells the best stories (and also because I tend to mix reality with fantasy so I might actually end up telling them,  how I *wish* we met instead of how we met). When they ask if it was love at first sight, I’ll rush in

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The Blame Shame Game

Hey, Let’s play the most illogical game on planet earth! It’s called the ‘Blame Shame Game’. Follow me closely as I take you through its equally illogical rules.   First, there has to be a victim of sexual violence. Now note that this character will not be a player of the game but the subject of it. Character should preferably be female, but can also be male. There has to

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