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Keji and Gideon

How We Met: Keji Remembering how ‘Deon and I met is always funny. I was a 22 year old lady with an eager and optimistic mind. In a burst of optimism, I enrolled for a class on self defense – Karate. It was, for me, a mere adventure; to have fun and work out and sweat a little and have something really cool to boast about.  My karate class was

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Only Fools Rush In

I always knew that I’d never propose to my girl in front of other people. There were things that needed to be said which no one else could have the privilege of hearing. This is because they would partly not understand and partly not appreciate these words.  I was on my school debate team so I had honed my cramming speeches skill. I proposed to my girl yesterday as we

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She Said What?

Prompt: Feb 21 Undo If you could un-invent something, what would it be? Discuss why, potential repercussions, or a possible alternative.   How We Met: Gideon Tundun and I met in the University of Lagos. I was in my third year and she was in her first year. We had both volunteered on a charity project in Ilaje and we automatically bonded. For me, it was admiration at first sight.

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Whoa! Lotanna and Fidel

Prompt: Feb 11 Whoa! What’s the most surreal experience you’ve ever had? How We Met: Fidel You know when you just go ‘Whoa! whoa! whoa!’ for series of things that happen all at once? That’s how it was with me when I (re)met Lotanna. 3 Actual ‘Whoas’  I remember growing up, we used to think that we were the only ones with our names. Lotanna and I grew up together.

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Fisayo & Mayowa: Flangiprop

Prompt: Feb 1 Flangiprop! Invent a definition for the word ‘flangiprop’, then use the word in post.  How We Met: Fisayo We met on BBM (yes, I said it). It was the whole ‘fine girl on your dp, give me her pin’ thing. My friend, Nora, had messaged me and said, ‘Fish! I’m giving your pin to Mayowa o. He’s a fine boy’. I didn’t read the message until she

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In Crisis: Feranmi & Dr. Susan

Prompt: Jan 17 In a Crisis Honestly evaluate the way you respond to crisis situations. Are you happy with the way you react?     How We Met: Feranmi   You know the saying ‘I bless the day I found you’? Well, sometimes I’m confused as to whether I bless the day I met Susan or not. I have sickle cell anaemia and I never really grew up thinking that

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Lara and Mr Hopes

How we met: by Lanre I cannot exactly say the point when we officially met. Honestly. All I know is that I was at some special church program with serious hopes of seeing my ex and Lara was seated beside me. In the middle of the program, she yawned, shook her head and said, ‘Are you not hungry and bored?’ I was taken aback and amused but I gave a

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Ronke And Kingsley

How we Met: Ronke I’m not quite sure if it is the average girl’s dream to meet the love of her life in a rickety yellow and black Lagos public bus; but that was where I met mine. I remember that when I was way younger, I used to get beaten a lot by my mom every Sunday. We lived in an area dense with members of the white garment

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Teni & Lawrence

How we met: Lawrence It was 7:30pm and I was sleeping over at a hotel after a business meeting. I was bored sick in my room so I stepped out and went to the lounge. However, there were a lot of people there. Apparently, there was going to be some comedy show that night at the hotel and the people had arrived and were waiting. I had no interest in

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Toyin & Dami

How we met: Dami We met at a wedding. Typical. But there was nothing typical about her. We were seated at the same table and the emcee kept picking on her. He used her for his joke-telling. One time, he came to the table and said, ‘Aunty, una get Philip iron for house?’ Of course, she did not respond. Then he said, ‘If una no get am, go buy am

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