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When Boro Finds A New App

I looked around my playstore and saw this App (notegraphy) . Spent hours coming up with these weird things. Didn’t read my school books. Didn’t eat. Didn’t participate in conversations I wanted to. Didn’t join my brother to cook. But I had fun making them! Enjoy!

What now?

‘What are you doing with the alphabets?’ asked people.  ‘I don’t know’ said I.  ****  And I indeed did not know!  From A-Z, everyday I picked up my phone (yes, I started writing with my phone) to write, I’d feel a little afraid because I would think of how the previous alphabet was simply the best I could have done and how I never could top that.  But I think

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On Z

On Zero At the job interview today:  Interviewer: Have you ever gotten a zero on any test before? Me: A zero? No sir. Never have. Interviewer: Wow. Amazing. Okay, have you ever missed a test that was never made-up for you again? Me: Umm… Yeah. Yes, actually. A couple of them during my University days. The way I dealt with that situation was that I – Interviewer: Okay. Let’s just

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On Y

On Yesterday  The tears of yesteryears were once tears of today, yet our faces are dry.  The hurt of yestermonths were once hurt of today, yet our hearts are healed.  The pain of yesterday still feels like the pain of today but soon our souls will be soothed.  On Youth  There has got to be some mathematical explanation for why your youth days are created for you to truly find

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On X

On X-Ray Testimony time in church has got to be the lit-est!  I remember one woman came to share her testimony. After singing like 10 songs and causing us all to gyrate, she adjusted her scarf and presented the large envelope she was holding in her hand.  ‘Yes’ she said like someone who had finally been invited to join in on a conversation she had been itching to say something

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On W

On WRITING!!!! Today, I was thinking about how I can be very spineless… In real life. Like I always say, I’m Yoruba and by unfortunate default, I was taught to smile and take crap. Plus I’m a ‘safe’ person naturally so you’d most likely never find me fighting, except under extreme circumstances… then I can be a beast.  But when I write, the rules change. Writing is like the exercise

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On V

On Vanity There is a thin line between loving yourself and loving self. Loving yourself is an urgent requirement in this complex-shaping world. And loving self is a vain mandatoriness to becoming a blind non-recipient of important blessings. On Vaseline My grandmother is wonderful; a woman of few but great words; a lion who protects her cubs fiercely; a cook of no comparison; a legend of traditional African politics and

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On U

On Umbrella  If you will ever look past my awkwardness; at the way I’d rather fistbump the one I’m in love with; at the way I wonder why people call people without a tangible reason (like what does it mean to ‘just be calling’ someone??? So frightening…) Well, if you ever look past those and ask me to give you solid relationship advice, I’d say ‘Look for someone who would

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On T

On Trust Therapist: Do you know why you’re here? Me: *squints* You tell me. Therapist: Well, Susan, your file here says that you have extreme trust issues, a condition we call Pistanthrophobia. Is this true? Me: May, may not be. How do I even know you’re really a therapist? Therapist: I’ll take that as a yes. Well, here’s my ID card, that’s how far I can convince you. But Susan,

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On S

On Shame Goodness asked me yesterday, ‘Is it good to have shame? People say “you don’t even have shame” and they mean it as a bad thing. So are we to have shame’ That was an innocently profound question. I tried to answer the question by saying something that sounded likewise profound. But in my mind, I feel like there can be a better answer.  Any help? On Salary Your

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