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I am lying down, eyes half closed, body really numb, heels aching badly. I’m lying down and just watching the digital clock on my phone change figures. Isn’t it funny that presidents and governors and those who they tell us are dignitaries get lots of alarm and sirens to announce their coming, while the future gets only as loud as the tick-tock of the clock? It’s so weird and silent

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Real Hobbies

Whenever I’m asked what my hobbies are, I automatically start to thinking of common ‘ing’ words. And so I say things like; dancing, reading, singing, sleeping, and heck, I’ve even said yawning before (N. B. This is silly because hobbies are not reflexes. They are the intentional actions one carries out, and loves to carry out when one is less busy. They may also be those things which we do

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Not Sorry, She’s Really Beautiful

Remember I said I was going to tell you about my new girlfriend; Joy. Being with Joy is like tasting honey for the first time, after having drank YoYo Bitters all your life! Joy keeps me up at night just like depression, but this time around, we’re both discovering music with great vibes. Joy can be shy and bold all at once. She’s shy when the clouds above me are

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At Least, Let Me 

If I can’t be your best friend,  At least let me be your better friend.  If I can’t be your lover, At least let me be your love.  If I can’t be the one who makes you laugh; At least let me be the one who makes you smile.  If I can’t be your everything; At least let me be your something.  If I can’t be your partner-in-crime; At least

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