have you seen my other blog?


The Blog

…whatever your experience on here is, you’ll need some sort of jacket.

A nice warm jacket

…because this is about the coolest place ever.

A life jacket

…because you don’t want to get drowned in all the fun here.


A leather life jacket

…for I might do some boat rocking.


Stay Safe.


The Blog Administrator

Daniel Adeyemi advised me to include content ‘about myself’  on here.

In his words, ‘You’re building a brand. It’s going to be traced back to you. Just a small write up and a fine picture’

So, if you happen to stumble upon this page, you should know that my name is Adeboro Odunlami and I’m a writer,  Nigerian Law student, blue belt Karateka, photographer, and a cool person. I love to write so much that I think the only thing greater than my love for writing is my love for God. 

I’m open to comments and positive criticism but I may actually bawl if anyone yells at me. 

Most of my writing inspiration come in the bathroom but yet bathing is not an activity I regularly look forward to. 

And I’m happy you visited my blog.