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The bee's wax

Not a Review : Jesus Among Other gods

Author: Ravi Zacharias   All ye intellectuals and deep thinkers say ‘Whoop Whoop!’. I have come with the review of a book that probably requires someone with 2 brains to fully appreciate it. Sarah, my friend, has at many times urged me to read spiritual literature like Hagin and Kenyon and the likes. I used to always say I will but I never, so I guess when David Rotimi showed

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Not A Review: The Books Of Thessalonians

Author: Apostle Paul/Saul (choose most preferred)   I cannot believe I’m still on my September books and I’m steady eating into my October time (Just kidding. I can actually believe – I’m reaping the laziness I sowed at some point). Anyway, I’m happy to be reviewing the two Books of Thessalonians – first, because it’s my first time reviewing Bible Books here, and second, because I was blessed by the

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Not A Review: Selfies With Bible Girls

    Author: Laju Iren Law School did a lot of weird things to my mind; some so weird that I’m only just finding out as I relate with normal people. But as much as it tried, I was still in the right frame of mind to pre-order Pastor Laju Iren’s book – Selfies With Bible Girls. I won’t lie, it was one of the things that kept me going

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    from     Eye Contact   In my twelfth year on earth, I found out that my mother could be wrong; that she wasn’t always right.   When I was 9 years old, my mother called me into her room. It is the room she stays on nights when my father would be with his other wives. My mother’s turn was always on Thursdays; you could tell

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Not A Review: Stay With Me

Author: Ayobami Adebayo I remember buying this book at Patabah the Saturday in July  before I went back to Yola to complete my Law School program. That day, my heart was full of optimism, but my pocket was empty (no, not half empty). I, nevertheless,  drew money from my savings and bought Stay With Me and a couple of other books. (I may have shed a regretful tear or two

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Like The Back of My Hand: To My Unborn Child

    Dear Young’un, Disregard everything you hear about me from your uncles and aunties – except they are good things, then regard them and look upon me with admiration. Either way, I’m prepared/preparing to make you love me all the days of your precious life. We’re going to be really cool; me and you. But let me just get this out: I will not wear matching cloths with you;

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Not A Review: One More Tale For The Road

        Author: Chuma Nwokolo Just in case you’re not my best friend, or you’ve never really been around me, or you don’t listen to me well enough because I talk too much for you, I’m going to repeat this: I LOVE CHUMA NWOKOLO. There’s something about seeing a book by a particular writer and, without flipping it open, you just know that it’s going to be a

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Dancing Tomatoes

I think the first thing you must know is that this is the most disgusting letter you are ever going to read, considering that we never talk to each other like this. I apologize in advance and promise that we don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to Actually, we are NEVER talking about this letter; get that into your empty eggshell skull. Also, please Bello musn’t

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One Day

  One day, this is going to be a grainy picture. Yes, we paid the photographer over half a million Naira for his ‘Shine Blue Shine’ package. You had asked him what sort of a tag that was; shine blue shine, and I had looked at him sympathetically and pinched you. As he stuttered to reply, you giggled and said to him, ‘Just kidding sir. What am I thinking trying

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