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Fisayo & Mayowa: Flangiprop


Feb 1


Invent a definition for the word ‘flangiprop’, then use the word in post. 

How We Met: Fisayo

We met on BBM (yes, I said it). It was the whole ‘fine girl on your dp, give me her pin’ thing. My friend, Nora, had messaged me and said, ‘Fish! I’m giving your pin to Mayowa o. He’s a fine boy’. I didn’t read the message until she had already given him the pin – Nora has never been a patient person. I replied her message: 

Me: Come, you’ve already sent it? Who’s Mayowa? 

Nora: I said ‘a fine boy’

Me: Are you normal? Is that the only thing he is?

Nora: Do you want me to attach his CV? 

Me: Idiot. I’ll accept his request just to prove to you that anyone a mumu recommends is probably a mumu too

Nora: I hope all the big clients I’ve recommended you to have the same to say. Fish head!

I accepted his contact request but that was it. For about 7 months, we said nothing to each other. I was/am a very busy person with my personal business (a.k.a my side hustle). For advertisement sake, everyone please visit for all kinds of nice smelling products; candles, air freshers, perfumes, body washes, all kinds!… and patronise o! 

Anyway, one day in March, I got a message from Mayowa that said, ‘Flangiprop’. Normally, I’d just end the chat or ignore it but I was amused, so I replied, ‘Juginox’. Within minutes, he replied, ‘herinysl’, then I replied, ‘Bliomsyt’ And it went on!

Apparently, he had butt-chatted me and had sent the flangiprop. It was that day however, that I realised that a person can fall in love… just like that. It was amazing. I think we sent babbles to each other for an hour straight. It was so much fun! And trust me, I’m not someone who loves to ‘waste my time’. I’m so time-conscious that I never reply anyone who says just ‘Hi’ or ‘Sup?’ or even ‘How are you doing?’. I tell my friends to send everything they want to tell me at once, if they want a reply from me. 

So it was amazing to me when I was replying this stranger who was neither making sense nor adding money to my business (it has to be one of them!). Anyway, the first coherent thing he typed to me was ‘Send me your number and let’s see if we can keep this up over the phone?’ 

And I did!

And it was fantastic!

How He Proposed: Mayowa


Every time I remember the ‘babbling’ day, I laugh. You see, that was a foretelling of how awesome our relationship would be. With Fisayo, I can say ANYTHING and not only would she understand, she also wouldn’t judge. I had some girls I messed around with before her and I like to think that God wanted me to appreciate the gift he was giving to me before he blessed me with Fisayo. Everything with her has been so easy. Even the proposal. I did not feel nervous or scared… all I felt was happy.

We were on a date on the 7th of March and while we waited for our order, we played footsie and made funny faces to each other. Minutes later, the waiter came, dropped a covered tray and walked away. I opened it and there sat the letter I had composed. The lights of the restaurant went dim and soft music started playing in the background.  I think it was then she realised that no one else was with us in the restaurant (I had rented it for the night). She just kept blinking fast. 

I picked up the paper, opened it and started to read (all the while still making funny faces at her. :P) 

Hey Fish!

I hope you’re not freaking out as I read this letter. Let’s save the freaking out for when I actually go down on my knees. 

There’s so much I’d like to write in one letter – the one letter which would announce to you what I’ve always wanted to do from the first time we exchanged incoherent words. 

But words, as we know, are no longer enough for people like us. I love you… but the more I say those words, the more they feel inadequate. So hey, what better time than to go back to our roots and tell you I ‘Flangiprop’ you.

Stop looking at me weird. 

You know I’ve never really being a good writer, but I’m about to propose to you so check this out: Flangiprop is the word that comes to my mind when I run out of  words to tell you how much I love you. Flangiprop reminds me that before I knew you, our destinies already loved each other. Flangiprop reminds me that even in all my numerous follies and uncertainties, you get me. Flangiprop makes me appreciate the child in me – because you bring it out. Flangiprop makes me want to be more of a man, a sensible adult. Flangiprop is the word I’ll go for when I want to say words worth 7 months. I love you in 1000 and Flangiprop ways. I will always protect and Flangiprop you. You are the Flangiprop of my life and you give me more joy and hope than I can ever dream of, you amazing Flangiprop.  It’s a one-size-fits-all word! If not that my father would kill me if I change my surname, I’d confidently be your Mr Flangi because I know you’d always prop me up…. I love you Fish! 

(I went down on my knees)

I want to ask you to marry me, but I do not just mean the normal every Saturday turnup random couple ocean blue and fire red asoebi blah blah marriage… I mean an actual indescribable, *hash-tag* goals, Flangiprop marriage. 

So, would you?


She laughed between tears and simply said, ‘Flangiprop’ 


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