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In Crisis: Feranmi & Dr. Susan


Jan 17

In a Crisis

Honestly evaluate the way you respond to crisis situations. Are you happy with the way you react?



How We Met: Feranmi


You know the saying ‘I bless the day I found you’? Well, sometimes I’m confused as to whether I bless the day I met Susan or not. I have sickle cell anaemia and I never really grew up thinking that I would get married. It was usually just a matter of ‘when shall I die?’ for me. In secondary school, I would stab my classes and just go to bars to drink. My friends and I were the worst; I don’t know why they joined me in all the illicit things that we did, I was doing them because I was sure I was going to die soon. And surely, if you think death, you’ll get it. I used to have health crisis so often, it was almost like my normalness. Whenever I wasn’t sick, I was drinking and following women, and whenever I wasn’t doing the latter, I was really sick, most times admitted in the hospital.


Anyway, when I made it to the university alive, I had a sort of paradigm shift. It felt like the universe had given me another chance, another shot at proving myself deserving of my life. So I became serious… I went for my classes, ate healthy, slept well, took my medication, made the right kind of friends, vehemently embraced God and gradually stopped drinking. I stopped having crisis and I loved my life for the first time. I was beginning to imagine a future for myself. It was hard but I indulged thoughts of me getting married, having children and being so very happy with someone else. I prepared myself for the opposite though; I enjoyed my own company and found stuff I could do for the rest of my life.



The Monday before the first paper of my final exams, as I sat in my class for my overnight, I started to feel a terrible headache and body pains. It felt so familiar but I reminded myself that I hadn’t had any crisis since my 100Level. I stood up to go buy a bottle of water and suddenly fell down. I felt people carry me… someone was running… someone was shouting… someone was saying ‘She has a car. Let her drive’. They took me to the school clinic in Unilag and for some reason I was transferred to LUTH (Lagos University Teaching Hospital).


In the hospital, while I was being rushed, I opened my eyes a little and looked directly into Susan’s face. She was dressed like a nurse and she was smiling at me… a very calming smile. Her eyes read fear but the rest of her body was composed. She was only one of the people wheeling me but it felt like she was the only one. I tried to smile back but I felt like I was going to die from the pain.


During my stay in the hospital, I discovered that she was a 400 Level Medical student doing her clinical posting. She had started at the emergency wing just that day and was already finding it hard to deal with all the casualties. She would come to my bedside smiling her assuring smile, take my complaints and check my vitals. One day, I asked her why she always smiled at me and she said, ‘Well, it was from you I learned to still try and smile at people… even when you’re in great pains’


So yes, I can say that I do pretty well in crisis. Susan and I both!


How He proposed: Dr. Susan


Wow… where do I start? Feranmi knows that I cope well under tension, nothing really surprises me and nothing really throws me off balance, it’s the training I received, as a super emergency doctor (yes! Those days in LUTH paid off).

Anyway, I must admit that he used his knowledge about me really well; I love love love love love his younger sister. She is the most adorable human being in the world. I think of her as my only sister. I have operated on her, counseled her and cried with her. She’s such a rare gem, so smart and polite.


One day, she walked into my office and said she needed a favor. I should have guessed from that very statement that things were not quite normal. Feyi would never ask for a favor, rather, she’ll say something like, ‘What can I do for you in exchange for so-and-so?” Anyway, she went ahead and requested for a birthday party to celebrate her 21st birthday, which was two days away. She said she was absolutely confused and had honestly started inviting friends and classmates. Not very like Feyi. Yet, I did not suspect.


Of course, I agreed and told her to come over to my place that night so we’d plan together. She promised to make planning really easy for me as she already had contacts of some party planners. She came over that night with a list of party planners so long (about 150 names long!), that I asked her to ‘please just select one and we’ll roll with the person’. She picked the 10th name (Samantha Events) without thinking. Not very Feyi. I still did not suspect.


I contacted the lady – she seemed like a nice young lady. She also seemed to understand everything I asked her to get. I even transferred half the payment to her account. Feyi was so happy. She hugged me and danced for me and even offered to make me dinner- very like Feyi. I couldn’t have suspected.


Then the D-day came, I was in the office around 2pm when Feyi called me and sounded panicky. She said she was at the venue (at Lekki Phase 1) and no one was there. She said she had been trying Samantha’s numbers and they were not going through. She said the security people there said no one had booked the hall for the day (or night) and that her friends were already calling to confirm if the ‘turn up was going to go down’.


I was perplexed. I also tried Samantha’s numbers, sent her numerous emails blah blah blah… nothing happened. I started to panic… terribly. This was someone who had collected about N55,000 from me and was about to abscond without even as little as a poorly planned party. ‘Lucky Feyi,’ I thought, ‘She lucky I’m one of the head practitioners here’. I clocked out of work and started racing to the venue.

When I arrived there, I saw Feyi standing in front of the gate, vigorously typing on her phone. Poor girl, I thought. Then, by sheer luck, Samantha’s call came in as I was getting down from my car.



‘Yes ma. How are you ma?’

‘How am I? Is this a joke? Where are you?

‘Ah… I was just about to ask you that. I’m inside the hall. Come inside and just come behind the banner by the left…’

‘What hall? I’m right in front of the hall and it’s locked. My niece, the celebrant is here too. What do you want her to tell her friends? And what is this nonsense you’re saying about you being in the hall? Are you…’

‘Ah… I’m confused ma. I’m outside now. But I can’t see anyone parked outside the hall’

‘Where are you?’

‘At the hall ma. Golden Moments at Lekki Phase 2’

‘Huh? Are you out of your mind? Was that our agreement? We said…. You know what, just wait for me there. You will so pay for this….’



I was amazed at how angry I was. I was panicking seriously and at the same time boiling with rage. I didn’t even say a word to Feyi as we drove. When we got to the ‘venue’, guess who was standing there with all my friends and family… and no shit, Samantha, all shouting ‘SURPRISE! SURPRISE!’ That’s right… Feranmi!


I was confused, then shocked, then dazed, then mute, then I saw him go down on his knees smiling so nervously, and I heard him say something like, ‘Through all the crisis of my life, I have found you as my constant smile. Thank you for that first smile… Dr. Susan’. I think he said a bunch of other things, but I was still so puzzled. Hahaha!


So for me, I guess I’m pretty good, stable and calm during crisis which affect human life but when it affects relatively mundane things such as a birthday party, I can be a tigress… a puzzled tigress.



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