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Jimmy & Lydia

How We Met: by Jimmy

The whole bank met her before I did.

I’m the branch manager of a bank and to be honest, it’s a boring job. On that day, I was not particularly in a good mood. As I sorted through documents, feeling sleepy, one of the cashiers rushed into my office and informed me that there was a ‘lady causing wahala downstairs o’.  She had tried to withdraw using her bank card and although she received an error message, the money was deducted from her account. She complained earlier and they told her they’d fix it in 4 working days. This was the fifth day.

She was shouting  demanding to see the manager. And she would not even give her account details to anyone. According to her, she ‘had given them enough chance’. I was not only pissed with my customer care people, I was pissed with this bull-headed customer. Nonetheless, I journeyed downstairs.

Immediately I landed in the banking area, my eyes roamed from the cashiers who were alert and on their feet, to the customers who were shifting uneasily and finally, my eyes rested on Lydia. She was a hot mess. She stood like she was ready to pounce on some prey. She wore a power bike gear and in her right hand was a red and black helmet which looked too heavy for even me to carry. Her weave was slightly scattered about but it only added to the imperfect perfection I was staring at. She wasn’t frowning but she wasn’t smiling as well. She just looked at me pointedly.

I strolled to her, suddenly feeling uneasy despite the fact that I had done this several times.

Me: (smiling) Hi, good afternoon.

Lydia: I need to see the bank manager -_-

Me: (still smiling) Well, I am he.

Lydia: (shows a little surprise) Hmm… Two things. 1. You’re too young for that office. 2. Which is probably why you can’t manage a team of competent workers.

Me: Can we speak in my office?

Lydia: Why not here? There are sufficient computers here and a good number of your incompetent staff are here also. Plus I left my bike running.

Me: You did wh-  (I stopped short). Alright then, what’s your complaint?

Lydia: You deducted money you didn’t give me.

Me: How much was it?

Lydia: (looking amused and a little uncomfortable) Are you kidding me? What does that have to do with anything? Isn’t that rather irrelevant to the issue on ground?  You guys stole my money. One naira or One million naira.

I started to smile. She was so adorable. I closed the gap between us and whispered, ‘One thousand naira?’ I thought I saw her almost smile. But then she raised a brow, crossed her arm and said, ‘Yeah? So what? It’s the injustice behind it I’m fighting’. I did not even know what to say. I wanted to laugh but I cautioned myself. We Just kept staring at each other; I in amusement and she,in confrontation. Finally, I broke the stare and told her to follow me. I worked on one on the systems and we resolved the issue on the spot.

I saw her to her bike (and, God help me, it was actually running. She had left the key there). She got on it and wore her helmet. As I was about to apologize for the deduction, she looked at me through her helmet and I heard her say (it sounded like she was smiling), ‘If you know anything about a bucket list, you’ll understand my desperation to ‘see the manager’.

And she zoomed off. Just like that.

Well I also got desperate to ‘see the bull-headed power biker’ again. And I stalked and stalked her until… well.

How He Proposed: by Lydia

Okay, so Jimmy is a shameless man. This is because, he is my first ever biker boy. He rides with me without complaint (although he would never ride if I don’t give him a helmet to cover his face).

The first time he rode with me, I told him he had to wrap his arms around my waist. As we moved I shouted over the wind, ‘Hey, don’t touch my boobs’.  He was so shocked that he shouted ‘No.. Wh- What? I would never!’

So then, it became a tradition that I always shouted, ‘Hey, don’t touch my boobs’ every time we rode on the bike. After that first day, he recovered and started giving smart and snarky replies. Like one time, he shouted back; ‘What? What boobs???’ Another time, he shouted; ‘It’s not my fault they are sagging!’.

So, when, this particular time, I shouted and he did not reply me. I shouted ‘Are you okay?’ No reply. ‘Hey do you want me to stop and park? Are you alright?’ After a heartbeat, he shouted ‘God, I love you so much!’ (Before you think it sounded romantic. Things don’t sound as romantic when they are yelled). Anyway, I shouted back ‘You scared me! Of course, I know you love me!’. Then he yelled, ‘No. No. It’s not really how you think I mean!’ I shouted, ‘Wait, does this mean you love me like a sister?!’. He laughed and shouted ‘Park!’

I parked and we got down. (to be honest, I was worried). I removed my helmet and he still kept his on (of course… we were beside a busy road). Then he held my shoulders and said, ‘I love you like I can die for you. But it would be considered very weird if you’re not my wife and I lay down my life for you. Which is why – (he got on his knees and produced a ring), would you marry me?’

I just stood there and stared. All my life, I had bought different helmets in a bid to find one which stopped the wind from getting into my eyes and causing tears. But there and then, I did not mind. I just let the tears flow. Best. Day. Ever.

So, of course I said yes and I kissed his helmet cheek. As we got on the bike, and continued our journey, I shouted ‘Hey, don’t touch my boobs!’ and he shouted back; ‘If you know anything about a bucket list, you would understand that that was the sole motive behind the proposal!’

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