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Ngozi & Wale

This is the start of a new series called ‘Proposals’. It was inspired by my scary love/obsession for other people’s love stories. (BellaNaija Wedding website knows me by name!). Anyway, the stories in this series are purely fictional. And any resemblance of any of the stories to your present or future proposal is purely coincidental. 😀


How we met: By Ngozi

If you’re a female photographer you’ll know what I mean. And by photographer I mean primarily and solely a photographer. As in, photography puts food on your table. Photography is that thing your father curses when he asks you if you’ve gone for any job interviews lately and you say no. Photography is your own 9-5 job; except that it’s not 9-5, it’s 12-12.

Now, if you’re that kind of photographer and you happen to be a lady, you’ll understand me when I say that you don’t exactly go for a job-event with hopes of meeting your husband there. Your mates may go as Caterers or Decorators or Event planners and dress up, look in the mirror and say ‘today might just be the day we find a husband’. But you; you must wear your jeans, your most comfortable sneakers and your creative eye of judgment, because you know that if you die from hunger, there would be no thoughts of marriage whatsoever.

That’s exactly how I lived my life before I met Wale. In fact, I had done that so much so that at events when I looked into my viewfinder, I didn’t see handsome faces, instead I saw my livelihood. I had zeroed my mind to never finding a potential husband from among the guests at any of my events.

I met Wale at an event; funny enough. That event was an hallmark in my life; in every way. It was, at that time, the biggest event I had ever had the privilege to work in. And I wasn’t even covering it per se. I was the third photographer employed. My team of three and I were like sub-substitute photographers. And even at that, the money was not worth losing. It was some big-shot’s daughter’s wedding. Wale, on the other hand was at that same event too. But not as a guest; as a videographer. In fact, he was the only videographer at the event. He had a huge team. I was stunned and slightly jealous. But hey, I thought to myself, I take pictures; not videos. So I moved on and faced my job.

Some hours into the event, I heard someone snicker behind me. I had been sitting on the floor and I had contoured my body in a weird way because I wanted to get a super perspective of the groom carrying his bride. I quickly took the shots and looked up. And there he was, Wale. He just stood there and was smiling. Smiling a smile so contagious, I could only join in too.

So yeah, that was pretty much the beginning of what is now us. It’s just amazing how I found what I needed the most in the place where I wasn’t even thinking to look.

How he proposed : By Wale.

First, can I just say that instead of this typed report, I can just show you all how it went down. Because, when you have a videographer as a boyfriend, there would surely be a stable documentation of all your most cherished moments together. Because we’re awesome like that. Shout out to all the videographer-boyfriends! We’re the best.

Okay, so, asking this one to marry me was an uphill task. It was harder than being the only videographer at a 3-hour long event in a hall with terrible lightning without ever taking a break.

We had been lying lazily, watching a match between Liverpool and Aston villa. I placed my camcorder on the TV; directly facing us in a bid to record this awesome moment. I had made it look like I just placed it there carelessly.

Now, football wasn’t something she was entirely interested in so it was a surprise to me when I slipped my hand into the pocket of my trousers to bring out the ring and she said, ‘Of course, the referee is more favorably disposed towards Aston Villa. I mean, the concept of refereeing itself is incredulous; as is that of Mediation. Personally, I’d opt for Arbitration if I ever had an issue to resolve. No one should expect one human being to be totally unbiased. At its best, it’ll be a 51% to 49% case of unbiasness’. I just stared down at her and said ‘Hmm…’ I had no understanding whatsoever; of what she had just said.

The second time I got the courage to, she shook her head and said, ‘I was just thinking. Do you think there would be photographers in heaven? I mean, what would the relevance of photography be when we’re in heaven. And video recording too. What would it be?’ She had paused for me to answer. I was too nervous and confused to say anything logical so I said ‘Erm… nothing I guess. It’s an earth thing’. She was quiet for a while and said, ‘Well, I guess so too. Because both professions seek to keep records and tell visual stories, yeah? But I doubt we’ll ever forget anything when we’re in the presence of God. Plus I think people like to take pictures because they believe they might not be able to relive such moments ever again. But when we’re in heaven, the presence of God never gets old and we can relive it as much as we want everyday’.

Great… I thought. Just wow. Just when I want to get romantic and propose, this weirdo suddenly takes a trip to heaven. I just looked at her and smiled. Then I said ‘Even if video recording was allowed in heaven, I doubt if I would have enough space on my memory card to record anything seeing as you have refused to let this haphazardly placed; but efficiently recording, camcorder, do its job of recording my marriage proposal to you.’ Then I paused, ‘But good thinking though. I wonder how your mind works. The photography and all, that is.’ Then I kissed her shock-engraved forehead, looked up, and tried to keep a straight face as I said, ‘So, what are the scores?’  And she just screamed and laughed and said ‘Whaaaat? What is wrong with you Ngozi?’

And yeah, that was it. I brought out the ring and asked her to ‘be my weird wife’. And she said ‘Totally… I mean… Yes’


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