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Only Fools Rush In

I always knew that I’d never propose to my girl in front of other people. There were things that needed to be said which no one else could have the privilege of hearing. This is because they would partly not understand and partly not appreciate these words. 

I was on my school debate team so I had honed my cramming speeches skill. I proposed to my girl yesterday as we sat in traffic. And it was the most special thing I’ve ever done and witnessed. 

I had told her not to take her car to work yesterday; told her that I’d take her out for ice cream and we’d just unwind. I told her to close work exactly at 5 because the ice cream shop I wanted to take her to closed by 6:30 and you know… traffic. 

I had studied the traffic situation of the road from her office for 2 months just to be sure the days when traffic was guaranteed. Thursdays. 

So yesterday, I picked her up as I carried in my pocket a little brown box which housed a black diamond ring. 

I was quiet while the road was free because I know she talks a lot when the car is moving, so that when the car stops at the destination or in traffic, she feels bad and then asks me to talk my own. 

She talked about the call she had with her younger sister earlier that day; about her mother and father’s fights; about her boss’s new dog which he won’t stop talking about; about her next-seat neighbour whose weave has been on her head for a long time but it does not smell and she wondered if it was a wig but she had asked the lady and she had said it wasn’t a wig so she was curious because it was the rainy season and she was sure that she had seen her under the rain sometimes with that hair uncovered…

Then we got into traffic and she repented. ‘Michael. Sorry… What’s up with you?’ 

I smiled. My time had come. I looked at her and said, ‘It’s funny how you always look guilty everytime you realize you’ve been talking since. Everytime.’ She laughed. I continued ‘Anyway, thankfully, I have gist for you today.’ I watched her sit up eagerly and turn down the volume of the radio. ‘Ahahn. You like gist too much. Anyway sha. Promise not to interrupt me until I finish.’ She promised. 

So you know the saying ‘Only fools rush in where angels fear to tread’? Well, I reckon I’m a fool. You remember when we first started dating and I called you my angel and you stiffened up and said not to call you that again. You said that’s what you used to call Demola before you guys broke up and that the word still brought bad memories to you. 
Well, I have been thinking a lot about Demola and why he was so foolish to just let you go like that. I mean, I know all my friends are envious of me because of you and it’s not just because you’re beautiful o. 

I thought about how Demola could not see that to live with you till death is one of the best decisions a man can make. To live with you as man and wife, that is.

After all my thinking, I reckoned that Demola was merely scared. He was scared just imagining what life would be with an amazing person like you. The fear of the unknown and undeserved. It’s hard to believe but people often don’t want things they can’t fully defend by saying ‘I deserve it’. It’s like that with me too. I don’t deserve you in whatever world. But I can’t help but not be scared… I need to be brave and accept you as a gift.

My mother is bewildered at how I could get you to look at me a second time. And she believes in her boy o. My father keeps giving me high-fives everytime I tell him we’re still together. And yet you treat me like I’m this king; like I matter more than you do. And that baffles me and makes me dizzy most times. 
I’m realizing that I’m having more of these dizzy moments more often as we get older together and I’ve told myself I want to become a dizzy old fool with you. 

Fool because, I mean where, pardon me saying, Angel Demola feared to tread is where I’m so gallantly dying to rush in. This is not to say that I feel like I’m rushing into anything with you. I just…’ I took a deep breath. 

I just want to marry you. Who better to say ‘this marriage thing is not easy’ with except with you? I’m already a fool. And I’ll inevitably get old. But you hold the dizzy key. And I so badly want to be a dizzy old fool.’ I brought out the box and opened it. 

Make me star struck and say yes?’

I didn’t realize how awesome ‘yes’ sounds until yesterday. 

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