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Ronke And Kingsley

How we Met: Ronke

I’m not quite sure if it is the average girl’s dream to meet the love of her life in a rickety yellow and black Lagos public bus; but that was where I met mine.

I remember that when I was way younger, I used to get beaten a lot by my mom every Sunday. We lived in an area dense with members of the white garment churches and so whenever we entered a bus to go back home after Sunday service, there was always someone in their white garment heading home with us carrying along wafts of incense. The scent of incense gets me very very irritated (no offense) and so every time I’d perceive it, I’d automatically throw up in the bus.

It took a long time before I understood that that was the cause of my puking and an even longer time for my mom to believe. As I grew older, I trained myself to focus not on the scent but on hot water, toothpaste and mint (don’t ask). Sucking on tom-tom also helped.

This particular Tuesday however, I had entered a bus feeling very sick. I sat by the window side and Kingsley was the passenger by my right hand side. Just two bus stops before mine, a man joined us on the bus and suddenly the whole bus was filled with the scent of incense. On impulse, I threw my hand to my mouth and made a sound in my throat. It was quiet; almost unnoticeable (especially since some passenger had already started an argument in the bus). I quickly turned my face to window and stuck my head outside but it didn’t really help matters as the wind kept blowing the scent my way. It was a terrible struggle between my gut and my will; and my gut slowly seemed to be winning.

It was then Kingsley tapped me. At first I didn’t look back at him because… I mean, I was in a serious battle and I had to focus on not throwing up all over the bus. But then he tapped me again and as I turned, he handed me a sachet of Tom-tom.

Now, this would be a fantastic way to end this story; but maybe if it ended like this, we would both not have had to alight at the next bus stop stinking with vomit, Kingsley would not have asked me for my name or told me ‘Wait, is this Golden morn? You still eat Golden morn? Creepy.’

Yup. I threw up on him.

How he Proposed: Kingsley

I’m not sure I’m qualified to say this about myself, but I’m a very simple guy. Ronke knows that too and so she used to joke a lot about me surprising her and making a big proposal. (I mean, we always knew we were going to get married).

Anyway. I spent about 7 months researching, questioning, and probing into dramatic proposal methods. I just did not see myself doing any of those things. (One website actually counseled to ‘jump off a roof in front of your girlfriend and while she’s freaking out, activate your parachute on which the words ‘Will you fly with me forever?’ would be imprinted’. Man, hell no).

So one day, while Ronke and I were just chilling and talking, she hugged me and said ‘you smell like a fragrance type Old Spice has not yet made.’ Then she paused and said, ‘Say thank you, that’s a really good compliment’. I remember thinking in that moment that I loved her very much. All in that moment, I saw her funny, her silly, her beautiful, her witty, her smart, her lovely and her everything really; and it didn’t matter anymore whether I couldn’t jump off a building for her or whether I couldn’t ‘do a flash mob with her favorite celebrities featured in it’ I wanted so bad to marry her.

So, I laughed, hugged her for a while and said ‘Well, you smell like the wife I’d love to have.’ I paused as I felt her loosen her grip on me. Then I went on my knees (apparently, with no ring) and said ‘Please marry me so we can form a symbiotic union aimed at granting you the opportunity of sniffing a never-been-made-before Old Spice Fragrance and at granting me the opportunity of sniffing someone who smells like my wife… every morning… forever? Amen?’

And then when she said a simple ‘yes’, I realized all along why I adored simplicity.

Editior’s Note: I assume they later went ahead to get an actual ring but they said nothing about it in the interview.

Also, notice how both of them started with ‘I’m not sure’?

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