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Teni & Lawrence

How we met: Lawrence
It was 7:30pm and I was sleeping over at a hotel after a business meeting. I was bored sick in my room so I stepped out and went to the lounge. However, there were a lot of people there. Apparently, there was going to be some comedy show that night at the hotel and the people had arrived and were waiting. I had no interest in comedy. In fact, the business meeting went very badly and I was in a very sober mood. So, I stepped outside and sat by the pool.

About 10 minutes after I got there, I heard the sound of little feet shuffling towards me. I looked in that direction and saw a little boy of about 6 years coming with a huge water gun. When he got to my side, he asked politely, ‘Can I sit beside you?’ I was amazed but too tired to dwell on it so I just patted the spot near me.

He sat quietly and for a while I was grateful for his quiet company. Suddenly, he said, ‘Can you help me fill my gun with water from the pool?’ I looked at him. I was going to ask if he came with someone and why he was here alone, but still, I had no energy for long conversations. So, I helped him fill his gun with water.

I could feel his excitement immediately I handed the gun to him. His voice suddenly switched to some character I could not exactly place. Maybe a cartoon character. He said, as he pointed his gun to the sky, ‘Well, well, well, what do we have here? The great and gallant soldier is back on his feet. And not only has he come back with more poisonous liquid bullets, he has a sea, well, a pool full of them. Mr Moon, tonight you die. I will kill you for you are parasitic and not fit to live. Feeding off the light from the sun and calling it a relationship. But what do you give the sun in return? Only God knows. But God cannot save you now. For I, the great and gallant soldier; I have returned’

I know it’s hard to believe that a young boy of about the age of 6, would speak like that, but I swear, he did. I was about to be like, ‘Erm, how old are you?’, when I heard a shrilling and panicky voice, ‘Nathan! Nathan! Nathan! Nathan where are you? Nathan!!!!’. The voice was so panicky that both of us scrambled to our feet.

Immediately she took a turn to the pool area and saw us, Teni ran towards him, knelt down and hugged him. Then suddenly, she slapped him and stared at him. Her face registered all kinds of emotions. The mixture of which shone love. ‘What. Are. You. Doing. Here? I told you to stay put at the children’s section. Why are you here?’ Nathan apparently was not as gallant as he had informed Mr. Moon as he began crying like a child (that he is). I felt very awkward, so I said, ‘Erm, hi. I’m sorry. But he only came here to fill his gun with some water from the pool’.

Immediately I said it, I realized how stupid I sounded. She sprung up and faced me, ‘Only came to fill his gun at the pool? Only? I don’t understand. Are you like saying that I should understand that my 6 year old son, who has not, by the way, mastered the art of swimming, only came in the dark to a large pool to fill his toy gun? Are you saying I should not scold and discipline him? Educate me please.’ Her tone was even, but the anger was in her eyes.

I swallowed and said, ‘I’m really sorry. I had such a nice time with him, so I feel kinda obligated to bail him out. I’m sorry. What he did was silly. You’re right.’

She nodded her head continuously and kept staring at me. I thought she looked very wonderful. The lights from the lamps around shone in her eyes and I thought how much it made her eyes glimmer. But then, I realized that she had tears in her eyes. Suddenly, the tears started flowing from her face. While she still faced me, and backed Nathan, she said, ‘Nathan, gather your stuff. We’re going.’ She closed her eyes and rubbed her temple then looked at me and said, ‘Never. Never ever say that to a single mom.’

How he proposed: Teni
Okay, so he apologized and came with us for the comedy show and the three of us had an awesome time together.

I’ve met different men who, because I have a child, see me as less of a woman. As ironic as that seems. There was even a point in my life where I used to hide the fact that I had Nathan and I would deceive a guy into dating me for like 5 months after which I would reveal that I was a single mom and katakata would burst. Katakata always used to burst. So I had to stop my ‘indirect lies’

I started telling prospective suitors about Nathan immediately I met them. For instance, if they asked me for my number, I’d give them and say, ‘Sadly, I can’t collect yours. My son played Temple Run on my phone and ran down my battery. Kids!’ And most times, that would be the end of it. I would never hear from them again.

Even those who showed interest in me either never got along with Nathan or they acted like I should expect less attention, care or any other thing a lady wants in a relationship, simply because, well, I have a child.

So, basically, I had given up on men. I focused on Nathan and he became the man in my life. And for records purposes, I just want to say here, that I would choose Nathan over and again if I ever came back to this world. He’s the smartest kid (or like Lawrence would say; kiddo) in the whole entire world. Quote me anywhere.

Anyway, from the night of the show, Lawrence and Nathan hit it off. It was like they had known each other for a long time (not considering the little pool experience). He would call me almost every day and speak with Nathan like for 5 minutes.

At first I wasn’t really comfortable with it, but soon enough, we started hanging out together like a family and stuff. And although I was not sure that I wanted that, I had to do it for Nathan. He was better when Lawrence was around. He was happier, smarter, funnier, and God help me, he would actually eat his beans if Lawrence told him a joke for every spoon he ate. They were good together like that.

Of course, we developed feelings for each other and blah blah… 🙂 (romantic story for another day)

One day sha, on Nathan’s 7th birthday, as I made lunch in the kitchen and Nathan and Lawrence played video games in the parlour, Nathan suddenly shouted, ‘Mom!!’. I shouted back, ‘Yes honey, what do you need?’ He shouted; ‘So, will you?’ I shouted, ‘That’s intolerable now that you’re 7. You say ‘so’ as if we’ve discussed something earlier. Proper sentence construction. Remember?’ (I imagined him rolling his eyes and I smiled). Then he shouted, ‘Okay, will you?’ I shouted, ‘Again Nathan. Ambiguity. Remember?’ Then I heard him tell Lawrence, ‘I told you. She’s a very difficult person to do this kind of thing with. She never follows the script’.

I frowned and walked into the parlour. I was apparently not expected because immediately they saw me, Lawrence flopped to the floor on both his knees and Nathan stammered and said, ‘Mom, will you?’ I frowned and said, ‘Will I what?’ He said, ‘Will you come to the parlour?’ I raised a brow. Then Lawrence said, ‘…erm and will you marry me?’

I remember Nathan rolling his eyes after I had said yes. Then he told Lawrence, ‘I thought we agreed to move and plan it for another day when she’s not feeling so intellectual? You really just had to fall on your knees when she came in.’ He shook his head.

Lawrence laughed and said, ‘We were going to. But that’s the effect your mom has on me. Even in an apron, she makes my knees go weak’.

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