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On S

On Shame

Goodness asked me yesterday, ‘Is it good to have shame? People say “you don’t even have shame” and they mean it as a bad thing. So are we to have shame’

That was an innocently profound question. I tried to answer the question by saying something that sounded likewise profound. But in my mind, I feel like there can be a better answer. 

Any help?
On Salary

Your Salary is the biggest conspiracy against you. It has been calculated exactly to make you a money chaser. It would fit just a little below your needs so you keep slaving after it. You will do well not to seek a salary, but to have established sources of income.
On Skeleton-in-the-cupboard 

Once had a very useless friend who said anything that came to his mind. If it wasn’t you that was being talked about, you’d laugh and roll over yourself; he was very funny. 

One time, a girl on our street who once had a lot of flesh, walked past us looking like a haggard sack of bones. 

While all of us had an inkling of what might have been drying her up, this friend of my said loudly. ‘Kai! HIV/AIDS dey show for face o! See as she resemble okporokpo. This one is not even skeleton-in-the-cupboard. All the cupboard don commot finish, na only skeleton remain! Chai!’
On Success 

It might just be me, but it usually seems as though everyone is talking about success. But that might just be because you only come in contact with what is constantly on your mind; in your subconscious. 

What is success to Williams might not be success to Sope; and that makes sense. Success means different things to different people. 

But to me? Success isn’t just something temporary I want to talk about; isn’t even something lucky I want to experience; isn’t something random I want to talk to other people about… Success is a rest-of-my-life something for me. 

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