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On God

He’s the only G I’m willing to recognize. 

I shudder when I see people who go about their lives with no acknowledgement of or reverence for God. I feel really sorry for them because I realize that they have to struggle to live life. And the worst part? They might not even know that they are struggling; that things can be easier!! Dear God…. 

For me, God has been my top to bottom. I can’t possibly still be existing the way I do without Him. I can’t be as happy as I am in life if not for Him. I cannot have the best people in my life, if He didn’t position me right. Heck, I couldn’t have known Him if not for Him!
God is super! There’s so much to say about Him and as vast as the Cloud is, there cannot be enough storage space to document his worth. 

God is amazing! I am constantly in awe of His love (if not for anyone, FOR ME). You see, because every breath that I take, is because He wills for me to still be breathing. And why He does that is constantly and absolutely beyond me! (P.S. I’m an unworthy somebody)

God is big! I feel like I sin every time I try to imagine his bigness. Like, what??? And even though I do such a poor job at imagining his bigness, I cannot help but feel miserably non-existent when I understand that the tiniest hair on His head is bigger than the whole world o! And I’m not even exaggerating. 

He is kind and gracious and yet fearsome and terrible! He really is indescribable. 

I often chide myself for over exaggerating things… But with Him, I feel guilty because I keep finding myself understating facts. 

How could I possibly describe or write on God without being disappointed at myself?

But then again, I cannot really blame myself; for the God who I seek to tell you about is endless and inexhaustible in His dimensions. So therefore (like my Yoruba people would say), I urge everyone to join the race to see Him, so you can see Him for yourself and so no one would have to do ‘dem say’ ‘dem say’ for you! 

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