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For the first time since January 7th, I skipped a day – yesterday – in writing. And that’s not even the weird part, the weird part is that I did not even remember that I skipped it. It was only this evening while I zoned off lost in my thoughts that it hit me that I did not turn in anything yesterday.

Realizing that I missed a day yesterday made me feel like pausing; like I got an abrupt wake up call to stop this journey and look back at all I’ve been doing since January 7. Well, I did stop and look, and I decided to share a few lessons I only realized I picked up along the way – lessons on life journeys.

1. It’s first personal: As much as I am aware of the people who are reading my works; some daily, some ‘as the spirit leads’, I understand that my driving force to keep at what I’m doing is way more internal than that. If I did not make a personal decision to write everyday; if I thought it was just a ‘good idea’, I probably would have flopped since. 

2. Run, baby! No one’s looking like you think: You see, we humans are too used to thinking that everyone is watching us. But I remember when I was a little younger and I had mad issues with timidity and self-esteem, I sat by myself one day and asked ‘if everyone is looking at me, who is looking at them?’ And then *bam* it hit me! – no one is looking at me the way I think they are. Life, in itself, is an always moving circus; with each performing artist engrossed in his own art. You see, I didn’t put up a post yesterday, the first time in about 103 days and not one person noticed. And even if they did, it was not news enough for the world to end. So please, if you want to fly, fly and stop thinking of people who might see you fall. 

3. Be the Just Man: One of my best scriptures in the Holy Bible is Proverbs 24:16. It says that the just man falls 7 times and rises up again. That you fail a lot of times does not mean you should give up. There was a time on this blog, I felt threatened to stop writing because a particular anon commenter was helping me out with my work review and criticism (and it was mostly harsh). I remember one time, the person advised me to stop writing everyday, and just stick to when I got inspired or so. With every of those comments, I felt like I had, just like the just man, fallen short, but still, I’d pick up my system the next day and write. So whatever kind of fall it is you experience, either ‘falling short’ or ‘falling down’ or even ‘falling into sin’, pick yourself back up and try again. 

4. Take every step like you’re intentionally taking your last step: it’s as simple as that. I try, with every article, to make my present work better than my previous. Sometimes I fail, sometimes I succeed, but it’s the only thing that makes sense to do. All my friends know that I’m writing for my hypothetical future son, ‘Jedidiah’.  And I keep asking myself, ‘With this article, would Jedidiah think I got duller as I grew up, or smarter?’ 

Be intentional about the steps you take in your life journeys! (I shall hence refer you to this really great article

5. If you keep walking consistently you will definitely grow yams: While the idea of growing yams may not be enticing to female readers, I’ll just say that this type of yams should be coveted. I’m talking mental yams; yams of capacity. There’s no way on earth you keep working at something consistently, that you won’t get great at it. Bonus to you if in addition to keeping at it, you also try to find new and better ways to do it, then you’ll get excellent at it. 

Feed the lion you want to hear roar! 

Water the yam you want to see grow!

Walk the walk you want to hear talked about! 

Thanks for visiting my blog! ☺️

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