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We Still Smell of Smoke

We still smell of smoke although the fire is out. At home, we still walk on eggshells although (step)father hen is dead. We still stay out late into the night although light has now returned into our home. We still wring our fingers although the ocean has dried up. We still stare at our mother in disbelief although (step) father no longer shares her bed. We still cower at the

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You Will Be Surprised 

You will be surprised when I don’t flinch; At your screams and yells, anymore.  You will be surprised when I smile; At your bitter words intended to make me cry.  You will be surprised when I say no To all the things that fetched you yes before. You will be surprised when you call my name; And you get the echoes as your voice as answers.  You will be surprised

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That’s Not My Name!

A part of me just always knew; somewhere deep inside me, I always knew that they were not my parents. Call me insecure but I know the signs of pseudo-love when I see them.  I am supposedly the first born of my supposed parents. I don’t remember a life before them but I’m sure one existed – I have been sure since I was about 10. I have 3 younger

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Sicker than We Know 

I have a conclusion: We must stop assuming that we all are sane in this country. Test every spirit!  Today, I boarded a bus from Bariga to Oshodi.  I sat between a man and a woman; the man at my left and the woman at my right. The man was reading a copy of today’s Punch Newspaper and as the journey began, he would punctuate the silence in the bus

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While we were dating he used to beat me at video games Now he just beats me… like it’s a game   While we were dating, he used to hit on me just so my friends would be jealous Now, he just hits me so I’ll be jealous of my friends   While we were dating, we used to go to the boxing centre at Rowe park Now, I’m the

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I once played a long and tiring game with a certain somebody It was called ‘Connecting the Dots’   User 1: My Heart Preparedness Level: Novice Special Skills: Fantasizing and Special Blindness   User 2: The Certain Somebody Preparedness Level: Oblivion a.k.a ‘What dots?’ Special Skills: Being a baby boy   So here was how it went: I’d sit square looking at him (we were dating then) and try to connect

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I wrote this last night. ‘It’s 1:25am and I’m awake. I’m up for two reasons. • My friend, Modupe, just woke me up with a call. • I’m plotting Ahmed’s murder. Modupe is my beautiful, unassuming best friend who would never hurt a fly. She is however married to an imbecile of a man; Ahmed. I have gotten countless calls like this in the past two years they have been

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