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He Didn’t

He loved his mom He loved his car He loved his jokes But he didn’t love me. *** He picked his laundry  He picked his fights  He picked his nose  But he didn’t pick me *** He knew his Maths  He knew his Physics  A little bit of biology  But not our chemistry  *** He called the shots  He called the tune He could call anyone’s bluff  But he never

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It’s Feburary; the month of love? It feels like a sick joke to me as well, but it isn’t. It is one month since Iyanu left and everyday has seemed like an elongation of a terrible nightmare.  Today is the 14th; Valentine’s Day. My parents have not let me go back to school because I am ‘not fit’ to be around others. I don’t know where my mom is seeing

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I saw the word ‘Ubiquitous’

I saw the word ‘ubiquitous’ and I thought of you I’ll add it to my other lists of words too Like ‘frozen’ and ‘gone’ and ‘boo’ I guess that’s the only way to never really say ‘adieu’   I saw the word ‘ubiquitous’ and I thought of you Because everywhere I go I always think it’s a breakthrough That to see you, I finally get to But I’m disappointed by

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Skills and Health

Skills Acquisition Towards the end of the AMAD project, we organized a skills acquisition program for the people of the village (but of course, only the women showed up). The program was intended to help the villagers see a whole new entrepreneurial world outside Garri making and selling sweets. In the village where I worked, we were only able to teach eggrolls and soap making because the women arrived really

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Pretty Nice.

I saw a shoe I loved today. But I had no money to buy it. Nevertheless, I have feet. I’ve got that going for me… which is nice.  Yesterday, my lecturer sent me out of class while she repeatedly said ‘useless and shameless student’. The whole class kept laughing because she has a lisp. I had that going for me… which was nice.  I misplaced my ATM card yesterday in

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