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Backbiters: Lessons For Alicia (or me)

Alicia came from school yesterday crying. I was at my laptop drafting a letter when she walked in, eyes swollen like sponges that had been soaked in tears, lips quivering, and body hot. I almost flung my laptop on the floor. I ran to her and knelt down, adjusting my glasses and pulling the back of my top down. ‘What’s wrong baby?’ I asked her. I looked up to my

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Who knew that P-Alaxin,  the malaria drug,  is blue in colour?  In my mind, I think that the marketing team sat together and someone raised HIS hand to suggest, ‘I really think we ought to make this drug colourful to encourage sick malaria stricken people; to make them feel like they are only taking some sort of blue candy’  Why do they say ‘once in a blue moon?’ A rough

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