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Eyelids Like A Swing

There is a sleep that waits for me every morning. Because I chase it out of my eyes when I jog; And later wash off its residue with soap and water as I get ready for the day, It wanders off to my classroom and sits on my seat; Whistling and dangling its feet.   I go to my class filled with good vibes. Smiling at happy faces; avoiding groggy

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Dear Sanguine

S!!!!!, What am I doing with the exclamation marks; trying to be on the same excitement level as you? Highly impossible!  You crazy one. I envy almost everything about you! It feels like most of us on earth are just living but you’re alive.  I love how your laughter can fill up the entire room and yet we all would still feel as though we are welcome to join the

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La Classe Des Papillons

(The class of butterflies)  This was my second class. Here, I worked with a bunch of amazingly interesting children of about 3-4 years old. As usual, some of these kids struck me more than the others did. Marie-Vital I don’t see why I would not list you as the first one on my list. You definitely did not catch my attention initially; but when you did, all my attention was

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