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Puffed Up

She laughed and said to me, ‘I have had the most humbling experiences in life’, as she packed my puff-puff into the once-was JAMB past questions paper. She tied it neatly in a black nylon and handed to over to me.  I almost did not collect it. Her perfect English was still too suspicious.  I had come to buy puff-puff and heard her fluent English. When I was hesitant  to

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Re: Agege Bread

Prompt: Jan 27 Sliced Bread Most of us have heard the saying, ‘That’s the best thing since sliced bread!’ What do you think is actually the best thing since sliced bread. Dear Sir/Ma,  LETTER OF (FURIOUS) COMPLAINTS We are writing this letter with regard to the advert that was put up by your agency on the billboard on Admiralty way, Lagos, Nigeria.  We understand that the ads put up by

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32 Flavors

Prompt: January 10 32 Flavors Vanilla, Chocolate, or something else entirely     ‘For my birthday, I would like to have ice cream in 32 flavors’ she said weakly, as he sat by her hospital bed. He watched the nurse give her a shot of insulin and waited for her to leave the room. ‘Only 32 flavors eh?’ He said and pulled her cheek. ‘Yup. Only. I could take a

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