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Men Have A Way Of Being Ugly

I started my Court attachment yesterday and it doesn’t feel like it’s just been two days. I’ve been privy to a lot of people’s private lives and my mind has been enlightened to the existence of different problems around the country (at least in Lagos) Yesterday, Teni was sitting beside me in court. She was looking round the court, while I was trying to make sense of the contents of

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Ronke And Kingsley

How we Met: Ronke I’m not quite sure if it is the average girl’s dream to meet the love of her life in a rickety yellow and black Lagos public bus; but that was where I met mine. I remember that when I was way younger, I used to get beaten a lot by my mom every Sunday. We lived in an area dense with members of the white garment

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La Classe Des Oiseaux

(The Class of Birds)   ‘Les Oiseaux! Oh! Les Oiseaux! Oh! Uh C’mon C’mon Whoo! AH! Uh C’mon C’mon Whoo! Ah!   Imagine the above little war chant being shouted by tiny little 2 year old children. The Oiseaux were (are) an amazing bunch of children. None of the volunteer interns that worked with these kids complained about anything. In fact, we noticed that every free time we had, we’d

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