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You Were So You Are

You were a wonder long before she stared at you and said ‘wow‘ You will still remain so after she looks over your head as though you weren’t there.   You were a gem long before he called you priceless. You will still remain so after he tries to buy your love.   You were a beauty long before the photographers and tabloids flashed your pictures around. You will still

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My Problem With Beauty

My problem with beauty is that it is enticing. It attracts you to itself; And God bless you if you end up leaving much to be desired.   My problem with Beauty was that she was enticing. She never really met anyone without seeking to draw them in; And after she did, they’d all realize that she left much to be desired.       My problem with beauty is

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Self-Loving Lovina

My friend, Lovina, loves herself in more degrees than I have ever seen. She literally adores herself and sometimes it borders on disturbing.  I remember the first time I met her. She was standing in front of the full-length mirror on a floor of our undergraduate hostel. She was talking to herself. With curiousity, I approached her and stood adjacent her acting as though I was using the mirror as

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Why I Hate Photographs

I have never understood photographs and why people stand in front of cameras to be taken.  When I was younger, my mom called me and asked me in a serious tone, ‘Do you think you’re going to die?’ I replied in the negative and she asked again, ‘Are you sure nobody is telling you that you will die?’ ‘NO’ I replied.  ‘So why don’t you like taking pictures? Only people who

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Me too, Baby rose

  On Being Two-Faced ‘How do you survive in this heat?’ she asks me ‘Well, the same way everyone does. Not surviving’ I reply and smile ‘Must be harder for you. They only sell face caps that do one way’ ‘Huh?’ ‘How do you protect your two faces from the sun?’ She smiles.   On Friendship In my interview with Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, I enjoyed the genial atmosphere the

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I’m Not Feeling Fine

‘I’m not feeling fine’ I looked in the mirror and cringed. I read somewhere that we are about ten times less beautiful than we think. I shake my head at my reflection in the mirror and think of how much of a beast I must really look like. I used to be really pretty, I guess. But now I have worry creases, thinking creases, some laughter creases, and a lot

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Tooting My Horn

Prompt: Jan 16 Toot Your Horn Most of us are excellent at being self-deprecating, and are not so good at the opposite. Tell us your favourite thing about yourself.     CAUTION: This is not fiction.   My name is Adeboro and I am growing.   I have sat to think deeply about this prompt. I have looked at myself, from my physical appearance, to the my complex-simple mind, to

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My 1984 Situation

Prompt: January 9 1984 You’re locked in a room with your greatest fear. Describe what’s in the room.   ‘Now, if you would turn with me to the book of Matthew, Matthew Chapter 10, we would be reading from verse 28’, my pastor’s voice rang through the auditorium. ‘Are we there?’ He said as he wiped the sweat from his face. ‘Yes Pastor!’ ‘Great. Now let’s read together. ‘And do

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Road Trip 2014

So, in line with my ‘Impact Making 2015’, I decided to make a road trip travel to Cote D’ivoire for an AIESEC project. Initially, I was so sure I was going to fly my way there. This was basically because of the fact that any form of road travel depresses me. Even in the campus shuttle in school, I always count the seconds to my destination. And here was a

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Itamapako School Village: Iloti. Town: Ijebu Ode. To be honest, the first time I heard the name of the school, I burst into laughter (although I think I was the only one who found it funny). I continued laughing until our Head Coordinator said, ‘We would not be able to teach the students any academic subjects. The principal asked if we have qualifications in Education and we don’t. So, we

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