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The Next 365 Days!

On Wednesday, my mom called me and we chatted. As she rounded up the call, she said, ‘Happy birthday in advance’ and then asked, ‘How old will you be sef?’ (Trust me, this was a genuine question). I said, ‘22 years old’ and I could hear a really short pause. Then she said in a concerned voice, ‘So what are you doing about marriage? At 22 years old, I had

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Hello, 21. 

Wowza! I am tired to my bones but, my mind is as busy as a hive of bees. Yesterday’s article captured a weirdish kind of 20th year; with more downs than ups, and especially emotionally. And for my 21st year, I was really praying and hoping to cheer up more and have a more positive attitude and better emotions towards life.  As if my prayer could not wait to be

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My Husband is 45!

She walked to the make-shift stage in the room in her lovely lovely leaf green dress and gently hit her glass with a small spoon. ‘I want to give a speech for and to my husband’ she said, smiling her radiant smile. The room went hush save from the whisperings from some of the guest. Other guests just cast furtive glances and looked rather uncomfortable. She proceeded nevertheless. ‘Good evening

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Ebola Scare

Hello!! So, this is the last article in my writer’s prompt project. The last 13 write-ups have been great for me. And even though at some point I started writing off-point, every single article I wrote taught me a lot about myself as a writer. But that’s story for another day. Tomorrow is Ola-Gamaliel’s birthday!!!!! I just want to use this medium to say a little about Ola/Gama. Gama is

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I like to say to people that I’m hood. In fact, when Ezra recently told me ‘Hood Morning (that’s how we greet in the hood)’, I felt quite happily gangster. But I must say – I’m not hood. Neither am I gangster. Neither am I street. I like to believe that the reason I try to associate myself with being ‘tough’ is because I never really experienced hardship. I never

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