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The Blame Shame Game

Hey, Let’s play the most illogical game on planet earth! It’s called the ‘Blame Shame Game’. Follow me closely as I take you through its equally illogical rules.   First, there has to be a victim of sexual violence. Now note that this character will not be a player of the game but the subject of it. Character should preferably be female, but can also be male. There has to

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Hey! I Am Not A Leader!

I am so distraught. Even more so because I never told anyone that I am a leader. I have never raised my hands to ask people to believe in me and make me the ‘head of something’ . I never got any leadership position except one time in secondary school when they wanted to make me the bell ringer and I vehemently rejected it… That’s not even the point. The

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My Fault

It’s the morning of my 10th birthday and I feel like I am walking into a Deja vu. The only difference is that while deja vus are unpredictable, this is. I know what will happen when my dad yells at my mom and I know what my mom would scream in return.  This madness has been happening since I was 1 year old. I mean, I don’t remember it happening

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Dear Melancholy

Hey Mel, It’s finally your turn. I know you’ve been reading the letters to the others and you’ve been overthinking why I chose to write to you last. Save those deep thoughts for better things- I write to you last because I love you best.  People say you’re a ‘creative mind prone to severe and frequent depression’ but I say that’s a shallow way to describe a genius. We know

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