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Snake Bite

I am finding it really hard to console my little cousin this evening. Earlier in the day when he woke up from his sleep around 12pm, he stretched and told me today was going to be a fantastic day. He said today was the day he had been waiting for all his life and today, his chance will not pass him by.  Confused I served him his yam pottage and

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My Inconvenience 

I was sitting in front of my date and thinking, ‘Now what have you gotten yourself into?’  Earlier, when the menu list was brought to the table, I chose beef, moin-moin and salad. I liked it because it seemed like a healthy choice. Not the beef though. I chose the beef to not seem too prude and uptight in my ways. Dangerous beef eh? Just before the food was served

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Inter Mundos

Temi named us. (Temi is the weird Ibadan one).   Because I was curious about what ‘inter mundos’ was, I asked him. And he said something like ‘It means ‘in between worlds’. If we’re in between worlds, then we’re not in this world. Then we’re out of this world’. I wondered why he had to go through all that processing, but I let it pass. That’s Temi for you. He’s a

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