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I Can Tell

I saw it in his eyes again this morning. I had just gone to sign in at the HR office when my boss walked in. He greeted everyone in the office but me and when I greeted him, he barely mumbled something and kept talking to the cleaner about something random. I knew it. I told my husband but he did not believe me. He kept laughing and saying, ‘Babe,

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Making Friends Everywhere

I always pray for those scammers to call me. Sometimes, I practice to myself what I’ll say to them and how I’ll handle the situation. But nothing prepared me for the encounter I had this morning when one of them called me. I was just preparing to go out and I was late. I was rushing; spraying perfume, and buckling my belt when the call came in. I slid to

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***This was written by my friend Rachel; about our other friend – Ekelemchi.  I am tired. In every sense of it, this exhaustion is from within and I can feel it everywhere. I had previously written a post ranting about my life and the most recent event,; my result. I had been heavily burdened all week, I had just seen my results and it wasn’t good. I was devastated, I

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