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Everyday is a little better; A little brighter; A little closer to change. Sometimes, I feel like I’m waiting for something exciting to happen Like the week before a huge party; Closing work on Friday; feeling like you’re done with every hard work you would ever do. But then Sunday night blasts right in; And you start to feel like you’re dreading something sinister; Like the Monday of due dates.

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Really My Name 

Sometimes I’m not sure that my name is my name; When I hear all the horrible things people say that I’ve done  And I contrast them with the me I know inside me; I shiver and think ‘Is my name really my name?’ Sometimes I roll my name around in my tongue  Hoping to taste the bitterness he said he tastes when he calls my name  I broke his heart

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Here, Hunger Commands

I do not even try to think about what the worst problem of this nation is. First, in order to do that, I’ll have to think of all the problems of the nation. It’s a very depressing activity. Also, the process of prioritizing our problems is a process bound to fail because, not only can one never list all the little problems in the nation, you may never also be

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Sabo Policewoman, But Why?!

When I started blogging, I said I was never going to rant because ranting boils my blood and never usually produces any results. But never say never, right?  This resolution of mine is one of the reasons why I stay on the path of fiction and normal everyday stories. I know that if I venture towards writing about the state of the Nigerian economy or politics or general public service

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