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The Story I Promised: On

Nestled in the comfort of my extremely comfortable and humongous pajama; while struggling with two exaggerating and attention-seeking sleepy eyes; and with so much joy and relief in my heart, I click on the button that took  live today! If you don’t know what ChapterIV is, read my post on it here and/or simply visit the site here. The first time I announced the existence of ChapterIV as an idea

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ChapterIV: A (not-so-new) Chapter!

FINALLY! Finally, I’m doing something more intentional about human rights in my society and I’m really excited about it. When Uka Eje (Yesss, the guy who the Vice President spoke about at The Platform—- I know people, guys), called me and gave me this idea, I thought, ‘WOW! Why did I never think about this.’ And as it ran it through my mind all day, I could barely sit still.

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