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What We Saw in the Rurals

Today, I remembered one of my visits to a ‘less privileged’ area in Lagos, Nigeria; Makoko.  It’s a slum/fishing village that partially sits on the Lagos Lagoon. It has gone through its own fair share of drama (just like the Ijora Badia community). For instance, the Lagos State government in 2012 gave some of the residents of the slum a three-day eviction notice to create space for some ‘redevelopment of

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La Classe Des Beliers

 (The Class of Sheep) So, because the project for which I came to Cote d’ivoire runs just on Wednesdays and Saturdays, my partner and I volunteered to assist the teachers in a Pre-school in Cocody, every other day of the week. There are six classes, so we get to work in about 4 of them before we leave for Nigeria. That is, one class per week. This week, I worked

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Itamapako School Village: Iloti. Town: Ijebu Ode. To be honest, the first time I heard the name of the school, I burst into laughter (although I think I was the only one who found it funny). I continued laughing until our Head Coordinator said, ‘We would not be able to teach the students any academic subjects. The principal asked if we have qualifications in Education and we don’t. So, we

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Village Experience

When you begin to ask your friends to line their buckets up so you’ll help them draw water from the well in the wee hours of the morning with your wrapper across your chest and your towel and sponge draped across your neck, just know that you’re undergoing the village experience. When you brush your teeth at the backyard where a chicken is crowing and somebody in one of the

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Naira Message

Oh the struggle with terrible internet yesterday. The topic is actually ‘Dollar Message’. But… you know. So… Enjoy! Before the message, I was just me. I was nobody but me. Before the message, I was bored sick of my life. Before the message, I was going through the items in an overrated store around my house. Before the message, I was just a young girl exchanging money for an expensive

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