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Open Heavens, wyd?

When my dad knocked on my door this morning and said, ‘Deboro, devotion!’, I was completely disoriented. Considering that I only just slept at around 2am and even had to wake up somewhere in between to do something, 7am felt like an ungodly hour to do something as godly as devotion. But I dragged myself to the devotion venue and told myself, ‘Stay strong. Do little. Keep your eyes open.

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I Was Given!

I bought pain when I bought painkillers; For they encouraged my body to give up and cling to the promise of their succor.  I bought sorrow when I bought the tickets to the comedy show; For it made me laugh until I was clearheaded and began to think of all the things that weren’t funny.  I bought hate when I bought lust; Paid for the prostitutes hoping they’d do their

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Sans Amour 

If I could tell what the lecturer would say right before he opens his mouth; And I had all the legal theories and principles at my finger tips; If I could predict the outcome of a case even before the judge knew of the facts; And I could draft heart-warming, nation-binding treaties  But I have not love… I am nothing but a useless piece of paper on a highway tossed

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