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Mister Man!

Adewole Bernard Oluwole,   The first time you stumbled on me, running over me like a drunken driver, because someone had literally pushed you to come and talk to me, I thought it was cute. Although your eyes were inseparable from my face, your mouth was like baked clay; unmoving. I thought it was cute. You did not need to say anything, all I had to do was look into

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In The Silent World

I lost my hearing finally when I was 10 years old. The parents knew it was coming; it was just a matter of when. They had been warned way since I was born, and so it was a little irritating when my mom would cry her eyes out whenever she screamed my name I could not hear her because I had taken off my hearing aid. I do not know

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Talk Less, Do More

Humans are pretty much the only organisms that talk.   I’ll agree that that first statement is flawed in at least two ways; 1. The definition of ‘talk’ is relative. A bird can think birds are the only organisms who talk because it understands only chirp-language.  2. Parrots talk. We’ve had about 4 parrots in my family and I can boldly say that one out of these four actually spoke like

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Sieve Mouths!

I am shocked by these kids in my secondary school and the words that trickle down their lips. It’s like their lips are sieves with no restraint and the words are liquid that just freely flush through the holes of their sievey mouths.  We have only spent 10 days in Jss1 and I know something about almost everyone’s family.  On the second day; orientation day, I met a small boy

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