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Clumsy Formzy

Today was wow!  Like wow in a I-Can’t-believe-I-went-through-all-that kind of way.  Today was the first, and indeed official, day I met my father and mother-in-laws. I never met them before Chike proposed because I just was not ready. Or that’s what I told him. The real reason in the deepest part of my heart is that I did not want to jinx anything. In this short life I have lived,

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Falling Things

When we were 14, Bayo told me he was traveling to Canada in the Fall, I said, ‘How stupid? If you can go when everything is upright, why go when they are coming down?’  He said that’s when he knew he loved me, ‘With every word, I fell in love and I’m still falling‘, he said.  On our wedding day he said that he’ll stick by me, ‘if you get poor,

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Love is (automatically) Supportive

  On the 27th of July 2015, at about 10:30pm, I climbed Kevwe’s bed on the top bunk, pulled out my laptop and started typing an article for which I had gotten an inspiration to write during the day. Intermittently, I would pause, pick up my phone and reply Yinka’s chat or I would crack a joke for my roommates and we’ll all laugh.   Leave me in a desert

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