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How Do You Feel?

Exams are done and dusted! Uh-uhn! *dancing the only dance I can dance*  Anyway, the victims of the crimes/criminals I interviewed yesterday have their rebuttal.  Here goes: 1. Pick-Pocketed (Mrs Alice, 37 years old) ‘You don’t want to ever have your bag picked. You will think you’re running mad. You will look through your bag for your phone, laugh and say “where is this phone hiding?” But you will not

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Why Did You Do It?

In the spirit of studying for my Criminology exam tomorrow, here’s me peeking into some criminal minds. I am asking them (invariably, myself) why they do what they do.  Enjoy! 1. Pick Pocketing (Charles, 20 years old.) ‘What do you mean “why did you do it?”. What else would I have done? If I approached people and asked them to help me; that I had not eaten for days, they

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Prompt: Feb 6 Choose your adventure Write a story or post with an open ending, and let your readers invent the conclusion. I am writing a story with an open ending but I do not even know where it starts. It’s sort of how life is. We can’t say, ‘Oh, here’s the beginning of this story’ neither can we say, ‘Oh, here’s the end’. But we know that everything has

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Full Disclosure

In all my days as a writer, this article took me the longest time to complete. Might have been the hunger. All the same… Enjoy The job of an estate agent is not as easy and as funny as they make it look on Modern Family. I would switch places with Phil and show beautiful houses to freshly divorced hot women who would get all my terrible jokes and hit

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