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Your Music To My Dance

Prompt: Jan 26 Musical What role does music play in your life? I am dance And to me, you are music. Individually, we stand as two unique personalities. A person can dance without music As he can sing without dancing.  You may see, in a market place, a woman clutching her son’s report card, and dancing to absolutely no music. Because dance, can in itself exist. And I am dance.

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The Diary of the Groom

 28.04.2015  Dear Ademi Diary,  Baby, I don’t know why you’re making me write to a diary when what I really just want to do is talk to you about this. But if you would rather read what I have to say, then I guess I’d be an Achebe for you. I know a lot of questions are running through your mind. And I know that you’re at war as to

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The Diary of The Bride

*Been off for a while… But I’m back. Here’s something from me.* 25.04.2015 Dear Diary, It’s 2:00am on the morning of my white wedding and I’m passively freaking out. I have gotten up like 20 times to look at my dress over and again. I have wondered at philosophical lengths as to whether I could have done this any better; the dress, that is. My shoes are the worst. They’ll

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I have never been a party person. But lately, circumstances have led me to three different parties in just about three months (I know.. for some people that’s not a lot). These parties have led me to some conclusions – Nigerians are interesting and beautiful people. They spend money. They eat. They give souvenirs. They DANCE! I love Owanbes (Nigerian parties), because you’ll find: Food Food And more food Old

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