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Hey! I Am Not A Leader!

I am so distraught. Even more so because I never told anyone that I am a leader. I have never raised my hands to ask people to believe in me and make me the ‘head of something’ . I never got any leadership position except one time in secondary school when they wanted to make me the bell ringer and I vehemently rejected it… That’s not even the point. The

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Sorry, But She’s Really Ugly

Douglas. I thought we were friends and you had faith in me.   _   She could pass by me when my eyes are closed and I’d still know her. She is that ugly. She is really ugly. I feel her ugliness. I smell it. I could never mistake it for anything else. She could never cover it up with makeup. Makeup makes it even worse; because it attracts people

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Why U No Struggle?

I don’t know whether it’s the pregnancy hormones or something else but I’ve been crying since early this evening,  over something that my brain tells me is not logical to cry over. So, this morning while I was cleaning the house, I saw a weird insect on the wall. I get excited when I see insects because I love killing insects with insecticide. There’s a rush I feel when I’m

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The first time I cut myself I couldn’t go through with it, It was supposed to be a straight line across my wrist Just like the article said.  But I cut it barely halfway and started yelping in pain,  But for a moment, the pain coursing through my body made me forget the pain etched into my heart.  -____ The second time I cut myself, I went all the way. 

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Dear Melancholy

Hey Mel, It’s finally your turn. I know you’ve been reading the letters to the others and you’ve been overthinking why I chose to write to you last. Save those deep thoughts for better things- I write to you last because I love you best.  People say you’re a ‘creative mind prone to severe and frequent depression’ but I say that’s a shallow way to describe a genius. We know

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Full Disclosure

In all my days as a writer, this article took me the longest time to complete. Might have been the hunger. All the same… Enjoy The job of an estate agent is not as easy and as funny as they make it look on Modern Family. I would switch places with Phil and show beautiful houses to freshly divorced hot women who would get all my terrible jokes and hit

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