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Life vs. Your Life

There’s life. And the there’s your life. Life would always want to dictate to your life on how it should be lived. It’ll send pain. Pain likes to be felt; caressed like a prostitute and petted like a baby. But your life must look pain in its eyes and say, ‘Thanks, but I’ll keep my hands to myself’ Then, life would send Pride. Pride likes to puff up; like the

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The Choleric’s Mantra

I am the M in Mr. NIGER D. Always first, always on the move.  The brake pedal in my system still looks brand new  But my accelerator is vintage  My feet are never tired though  Neither do the soles of my sandals ever wear thin  I am moving; always moving  Moving on; moving out; moving into; moving unto; moving in; moving away; moving from;  Just moving.  Stand in my way,

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I Will Not See Him Again

Job 4:11 ‘Full grown lions die when they cannot find prey…’ (International Standard Version, The Holy Bible)       I read that scripture this morning when I woke up feeling bad. I had once again, shamed myself and my Father in heaven. Yes, and even my father in heaven. I believe that both f(F)athers see me and my bad deeds, and I sometimes wonder why they don’t slap me

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The Will

My dad and I were never friends. I don’t know where it began, or how it did, but we just never clicked. When I was 10 years old, he broke his leg running round the house  to get me and whoop my ass. I don’t even remember what I did that made him mad because almost everything I did made him livid.  It wasn’t such a big deal to me

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*I know I was on a ‘proposals roll.’ But…* The above picture was taken yesterday evening at the University of Lagos Sports Center. I had gone there at about 4:20 to take pictures of a sports event and when it was 4:55, it started to drizzle. Also, around that time, a blind athlete (in the neon vest) walked onto the tracks with his training partner. I had never seen such

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