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Short and Useless

‘Ehn? Who said what?’ Nonye laughed as she tied her black scarf. She could smell the scarf smelling but she couldn’t possibly go out without tying her scarf.  ‘I just pity these children of Satan. That’s all I will say. What’s my business with her and why would I gossip behind her? Does she think I’m afraid of her Ehn? How can she be going around saying that I’m a

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Today, I visited the Afrika Shrine, Alausa, Ikeja. It was my first time ever as I had only, before now, passed by it and turned up my nose at weed-smokers. But today, I was passing by the Shrine with my friend and we decided to drop by and just walk around. In my mind, I entered the shrine to walk superior among them and semi-judge their ways. But that was

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