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Or What?

‘Get out of my way’ he said,  As he push her out of their bed Crawling back on her knees, she asked,  ‘Lord is this my husband or another as he, masked?’  *** ‘Get out of my way!‘ he yelled  As she clenched her fists; her anger he fueled  But move, she did for she had learned, That a husband’s anger must have been earned  *** ‘Get out of my

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Sicker than We Know 

I have a conclusion: We must stop assuming that we all are sane in this country. Test every spirit!  Today, I boarded a bus from Bariga to Oshodi.  I sat between a man and a woman; the man at my left and the woman at my right. The man was reading a copy of today’s Punch Newspaper and as the journey began, he would punctuate the silence in the bus

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Just Shut Up

My name is Jane and I am a karateka. No, scratch that, I am a black belt karateka. Most karate fighters have heard, a least once, that ‘Your belt does not show how good you really are at karate. Your skills define your karate’. But I must humbly say that I am good. Very good. I started karate at the very old age of 15years old. I had just started

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