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What We Saw in the Rurals

Today, I remembered one of my visits to a ‘less privileged’ area in Lagos, Nigeria; Makoko.  It’s a slum/fishing village that partially sits on the Lagos Lagoon. It has gone through its own fair share of drama (just like the Ijora Badia community). For instance, the Lagos State government in 2012 gave some of the residents of the slum a three-day eviction notice to create space for some ‘redevelopment of

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*This is a post written by and on behalf of my friend, Ralia… enjoy* My name is Ralia. And no, I’m not the sugar girl. I’m the fruit salad girl. I hawk fruit salad on Lagos-Abeokuta road; around Iyana-Ipaja. And I have a message to pass across to you all. No, I wasn’t born into a wealthy family whose wealth suddenly came crashing down when my father died. No, I

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