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Diluted Me

Mama and pa thought they were doing me a favor when they sent me out into the sea. They told me not to be scared of the water, that the water was my friend if only I went with its flow. That was just mama though. She was the one who spoke kindly about the whole situation. Pa was particularly brutal with his words. ‘Chibundu!’ he would yell and pull

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I Laughed At My Joke

‘The devil is a liar, but then we’re also too believing.’ I remember writing my New Year article for 2016 and thinking I had such a rough 2015. 2016 probably just chuckled and nodded. Two weeks before this week, I would pick up my writing device after a long day and just jumble some words together. I confess that I did not enjoy writing any of my recent articles because

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I Want To Be An Artwork

I want to be an artwork. No, don’t say: You already are. You were molded to this shape and size, and every part of your body was created thoughtfully. I already know that. When I say I want to be an artwork, I mean, I want to feel like an artwork. I want to live like an artwork. I want pictures to be taken not just of my face, but

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Stupid Know-It-All

I hate you. I hate you because you act like a know-it-all. You act like a know-it-all because no one has stood up to you. No one has stood up to you because no one has your time. No one has time for you because you’re not worth anyone’s time. You’re not worth anyone’s time because time is perceived as precious. You’re not precious because you’re everywhere, at every time,

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Still Trying To Know Me

It’s incredible how I can both be tough and not tough Like boiled egg? Hard on the outside, soft on the inside? No, not really. More like Mango – occasionally soft, occasionally hard. It confuses me, walahi. Like that time in Secondary school when I was told that my seat mate died. We weren’t best friends but we had our moments. My whole class was weeping; crying; mourning. And there

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The first misconception I had was when I was 16 years old. I had sex and got pregnant basically. It was wrong, scary, humiliating, revealing and a bunch of other adjectives. When I had to pause Ss3 for a compulsory maternity leave (granted by my expulsion from my school), my classmates would post on my Facebook wall: Hail Mary full of grace. The only Grace you are full of is

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Debo Odunlami – The Week in Music

Prompt: 10 March Playlist of the Week Tell us how your week went by putting together a playlist of five songs that represent it.   I tried to get Debo to do this interview over IM, but I only got tired and slightly pissed waiting for my messages to get replied. Now I know how people feel when I leave their messages unattended to. (To everyone who has suffered from

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Got Away

It’s day 2! And the topic for today is ‘The One That Got Away’. Enjoy! I took one of my most life changing decisions years ago when I decided to volunteer at an orphanage. You see, you can read all you want about poor communities, abandoned babies, shoe-less children and the likes, but until you relate with these people, you might never know how it really feels. And even then,

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