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On E’s

On Examinations  Primary 4 student: Teacher, do all the children in the world write exams? Teacher: Yes. And not just children, adults and even the aged.  Student: In every part of the world? Teacher: Well, in most parts. The world is changing fast now… So I can say yes, in almost every part of the world. Why are you asking? Student: Wow… You know the meaning of ‘exam’ is ‘suffering’?

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Erm… Wait, What?

Prompt: Feb 16 The clock Write about anything you’d like. Somewhere in your post, include the sentence ‘I heard the car door slam and I immediately looked at the clock’ September 9, 2015.  High Court, Ikeja ‘Please state your name for the court records’ ‘Elisa Elizabeth Eli’ Would you swear by the Bible or Quoran?’ ‘Are you kidding me? Did you hear any of my names?’ ‘That was unnecessary. Hand

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