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Why Yawning is Rude

I was sincerely tired, I swear. I was not yawning because I wanted to be rude; I was just tired. But my father did not care. He said, ‘I have told you countless times, you don’t yawn when people are talking to you; especially your elders.’  I wanted to say, ‘But what if I am tired and I can’t control the yawning?’ But I know my father; he wouldn’t even let

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My Driver

I just thought to share something I wrote in a recruitment test I did some months back. The question was; ‘In your own words, what drives you?’  My answer: “In the spirit of being proactive and observant, I would like to just point out that no one owns any ‘word’. Well, except Beyoncé who owns bootylicious. It’s okay that she owns the word; I don’t care.  It’s a ridiculous word

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Ha! I Wrote Something Serious 

Wiw! I was stalking someone in my email box today and stumbled upon this article I wrote sometime last year.  Tbh, I don’t understand half of what I wrote and I frankly sound more serious than I usually am. It’s disturbing. Seriously, I’m not this serious.  Enjoy! **** Five Barriers to Prosperity in Africa: Unchaining the economy through economic freedom ‘Proudly African’ is a phrase gradually gaining grounds. From shirt

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