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My Best Friend

I once had a best friend who made me think that she was my worst friend. Up until today, I am not sure whether that was just her conducting a hot-water test for me; to determine whether I was worthy of her friendship.  She was almost anything you’d wish for in a friend. She was kind and cool. She stayed loyal and was never two-faced about things. She loved God

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He Didn’t

He loved his mom He loved his car He loved his jokes But he didn’t love me. *** He picked his laundry  He picked his fights  He picked his nose  But he didn’t pick me *** He knew his Maths  He knew his Physics  A little bit of biology  But not our chemistry  *** He called the shots  He called the tune He could call anyone’s bluff  But he never

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We Understand Our Haters

You have spent your whole life on the defensive. Trying to defend your actions, your inactions, your methods and your decision. You have learned that the world would not smile at you unless you show them why they should, but they will criticize you, even when you stay put in your little corner. You have spent a major part of your life trying to prove that you’re worth being looked

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La Classe Des Beliers

 (The Class of Sheep) So, because the project for which I came to Cote d’ivoire runs just on Wednesdays and Saturdays, my partner and I volunteered to assist the teachers in a Pre-school in Cocody, every other day of the week. There are six classes, so we get to work in about 4 of them before we leave for Nigeria. That is, one class per week. This week, I worked

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