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But I Don’t Rant 

My precious time!!!! I took out 30 minutes to write an article and then I tried to post it and it just… disappeared. Just like that. I almost looked for the article under my bed.  I have just one question for this article: Was my brain so bad that the first thing you thought of doing once you left there was to kill yourself???? While I’m still sorting through my real

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Who would think that the Ofe Onugbu we are drooling over was once the most unthinkably bitter bunch of leaves in the forest? Who would think that our adorable ibeji were once two huge discomforts in the womb the size of a fist? Who would think that our enviable wealth was once only alive in our tired minds and hungry stomachs? Who would think that our amazing marriage was once

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On X

On X-Ray Testimony time in church has got to be the lit-est!  I remember one woman came to share her testimony. After singing like 10 songs and causing us all to gyrate, she adjusted her scarf and presented the large envelope she was holding in her hand.  ‘Yes’ she said like someone who had finally been invited to join in on a conversation she had been itching to say something

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On E’s

On Examinations  Primary 4 student: Teacher, do all the children in the world write exams? Teacher: Yes. And not just children, adults and even the aged.  Student: In every part of the world? Teacher: Well, in most parts. The world is changing fast now… So I can say yes, in almost every part of the world. Why are you asking? Student: Wow… You know the meaning of ‘exam’ is ‘suffering’?

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