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Boiling Water 

My mom’s suspicions about me got lit yesterday. Before now, she used to treat me like someone who was always up to something evil or who had done something evil, but she never really had a concrete reason or telltale to pin her suspicions on. My inability to look people in their eyes only added to her suspicions. I do not know why she has these suspicions neither do I

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Karma Chameleon

Prompt: Feb 8  Karma Chameleon Reincarnation: Do you believe in it? If the concept of reincarnation postulates that dead persons return in their spirit or soul-ish form to dwell in other men’s bodies, then I do not believe in reincarnation. When people die, they die. The body returns to dust, but the spirit, which is the real person cannot posses another body… because I mean, God makes every human being

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