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Don’t Blame Me

‘Psst!’ whispered distraction, ‘it’ll be great if you stopped blaming me for your lack of focus.’ I shut my textbook and replied, ‘Oh really? Who do I blame then?’ ‘Blame yourself for making me priority’ he snickered.   And then, jogged along dieting ‘Hey you! Been looking for you all around. Would you stop blaming me for your poor self-care?’ she said. I was dazed. ‘But it’s all because of you I starve

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Life Gave Me Lemonade

‘Life gave me lemonade and I can’t imagine why’ – Chris Rice  I am from a terrifically wealthy and influential background My dad gave me every cent of my start-up capital. But I have to wake up every morning and actually run the company  I have to relate with people, deal with calls from investors, make on-the-spot decisions, treat my employees with firm respect and love, manage the funds we

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