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I Answered the Bar

… albeit with Lethargy   A couple of months ago, I quit a good paying job simply because I was not seeing the proportional result of my input. This was not my first time of doing this. I have realized over time that I get super weary in situations where I cannot refer to a tangible outcome of what I do – whatever that is. In my head, it should

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Shame! Shame!

There are memories that never should be revisited.  For some people, it’s memories of discomfort; of the days when they were not so comfortable enough to provide for themselves or their families, the kind of life they would have loved.   My friend, James is like this. He would automatically excuse himself from any conversation where it is being reminisced that he was once ‘poor’. He has made it now and

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On F’s

On Failure People who fail and get back up are my heroes, because it’s so difficult!  Me? Even ordinary network failure when I call someone makes me so depressed; I never try the second time.  On Farming ‘Daddy, why are we planting our food instead of buying them?’ ‘Son, have you ever seen anyone get paid because they bought something in the market?’  ‘No sir’ ‘Exactly. People only value what

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