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Dear All the People Who Believe in Me

Dear All the People Who Believe in Me, That there is even an audience to write to, humbles me. That I’m not scribbling this in my journal and reading it to myself in the mirror; humbles me. And yes, a perfect rhythm to this thought would be for me to say “however, if I were the only person who believed in myself, I’d be 100% super and good”, but I

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Present past

You imagined success so much that it felt like you were only reminiscing when you finally had it. You had clicked ‘Enter’ and though your heart raced, it was not with fear. In your mind, the only image that swarm around was of distinctions. And so when the webpage finally loaded, you barely blinked at what you already knew: All A’s.   Everyone is going nuts at your result Your

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Who’ll Write My Own Story?

Prompt: 11 March Ghostwriter If you could have any author – living or dead- write your biography, who would you choose?   Well, my laziness has caused me to lose this spot. I’m not an ‘author’ strictly speaking so I cannot fill this position. If I were an author, I would auto-matically have volunteered to write my own biography – no pun intended. Oh, what? You don’t see any pun?

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Dysgraphia: A Leap of Faith

Prompt: Jan 19 Apply Yourself Describe your last attempt to learn something that did not come easily to you.    ‘Mommy shebi she’s not a girl?’ ‘Ahahn. C’mon shut up Ikenna! Why would you say that?’ ‘Because, mommy, girls are supposed to have fine handwriting’   For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to grow up and just finally be an adult. I never saw anyone

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