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Like a Song on the Radio

When my kids grow older and ask me the inevitable ‘How did you and daddy meet’ question, I’ll leave it to my husband because he tells the best stories (and also because I tend to mix reality with fantasy so I might actually end up telling them,  how I *wish* we met instead of how we met). When they ask if it was love at first sight, I’ll rush in

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30 Years Later

It’s been two weeks since I sat in the gallery of a court and watched in dismay as the proceedings to declare a marriage of 30 years null, unfolded before me. I wanted to cry. And it still baffles me. You know how sometimes, we look at people celebrating 25 years of marriage and we think ‘God. This is amazing. I hope to have something like this’? Ah well, apparently,

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We’re Having A Baby!

I am crying and laughing at the same time (thank God I’m laughing,  so the people here think it’s the laughing that is tickling my eyes and producing water). My wife has surprised me again! I mean, when I was getting married to Betty two years ago, I knew she was mischievous but I didn’t know it has reached this level. Do you know that when she was vomiting two

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We Still Smell of Smoke

We still smell of smoke although the fire is out. At home, we still walk on eggshells although (step)father hen is dead. We still stay out late into the night although light has now returned into our home. We still wring our fingers although the ocean has dried up. We still stare at our mother in disbelief although (step) father no longer shares her bed. We still cower at the

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Cooking Lies and Jollof

My sweat pores overworked today, dear Lord! I was in so much trouble; it was almost hilarious. So, I had been lying to my dad about my grade in school because my dad is a very strict disciplinarian and I just grew up believing that in order to live a flogging-free life, I have to lie. After my first year in the university, I just knew I could not make

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In The Silent World

I lost my hearing finally when I was 10 years old. The parents knew it was coming; it was just a matter of when. They had been warned way since I was born, and so it was a little irritating when my mom would cry her eyes out whenever she screamed my name I could not hear her because I had taken off my hearing aid. I do not know

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My Fault

It’s the morning of my 10th birthday and I feel like I am walking into a Deja vu. The only difference is that while deja vus are unpredictable, this is. I know what will happen when my dad yells at my mom and I know what my mom would scream in return.  This madness has been happening since I was 1 year old. I mean, I don’t remember it happening

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My Baby’s Prayers 

My little baby is only 6 years old but his prayers always fascinate me. One time I asked him to pray for the meal we were about to eat and he went: Jesus, thank you for this food. Plenty people in movies choke when they eat and then they die. Plenty people in movies eat poison in their foods. But we thank you because since you’re our invited guest, we

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Why Yawning is Rude

I was sincerely tired, I swear. I was not yawning because I wanted to be rude; I was just tired. But my father did not care. He said, ‘I have told you countless times, you don’t yawn when people are talking to you; especially your elders.’  I wanted to say, ‘But what if I am tired and I can’t control the yawning?’ But I know my father; he wouldn’t even let

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I Hear

You would be surprised how much I can hear even though I’m medically deaf. (Well, I’m deaf, simply) I hear my mother tell me she loves me everytime she comes to cover my body with a blanket at night.  I hear my father say he’s proud of me everytime he reads the articles I write.  I hear my uncles and aunties gossip about me everytime I see their darting eyes. 

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